Why You Should Enroll Your Kids into Sports

As parents, we are always looking out for things that are in the best interest of our kids. We want to protect and shield them from any form of harm or danger. So it is quite understandable when some parents refuse to enroll their kids in sports with the fear that it would expose them to injuries, accidents or other dangers. However, not enrolling your child in sports might be doing them more harm than good as they would be missing out on a lot of benefits.

Growing your child’s team spirit
In every organization today, team spirit is one of the essential requirements. Take a look at any vacancy announcement and you are likely to see “Team Player” as one of the job requirements. It’s something that shows just how important having a team spirit is in today’s world. This is why it is highly essential to ensure your kids are good players, and enrolling them in sports is one way to teach them this because you know; “There’s no ’I’ in a sports team.”

Fostering a competitive spirit in your child
Healthy competition is a very good thing and it’s one of the things your child would learn when you enroll them in sports. Your child would learn how to respect other people’s skills and talents. They would also find ways to develop their own skills in order excel above others and most importantly, they learn how not to be a sore loser but to accept defeat as a challenge to improve and succeed the next time.

Building your child’s leadership skills
Yet another thing your child would learn from being on a sports team is how to be a great leader. Studies have shown that kids enrolled in sports are usually hard working, active and better future leaders as playing sports teaches them focus, patience, discipline and resilience, which are some of the skills needed to be a leader. Sports also teaches your children how to balance their lives. They would have to learn how to balance their academic life with their sports life.

Building your kid’s confidence
For several of my adult years, I suffered from a terrible case of stage fright. I had a lot to share but the fear of standing in front of, and speaking to a crowd gave me the jitters. It took a lot of public speaking coaching to get over this terrible phobia.

Children enrolled in sports would be less likely to have such fear and would usually be confident because they are used to being the center of attention; being in front of a crowd and having people observe them. If you’ve got a kid with any type of social phobia, enrolling them in sports might help them get over it.

Boosting your child’s self esteem
Sports are very helpful in developing self-esteem among children. They’ll learn about their own capabilities and strength, and as a result, children would feel better about themselves. It helps them to know that they are valued and special.

Improving your kid’s health
Playing sports regularly would help your child’s health. Sports would help them develop into stronger and healthier children. It also teaches your child physical fitness. A lot of adults find it difficult to incorporate exercise into their daily regimen simply because it’s not something they are used to. They live sedentary lifestyles devoid of exercise because they are not used to exercising regularly.

As a result, such adults develop diseases and health conditions related to physical inactivity. You can help your child avoid this type of lifestyle by enrolling them in sports and making them fall in love with exercise and physical fitness from tender ages.

Allowing your child to take part in sports activities is an important thing. Some of the benefits it offers are long term. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money. I enrolled my kids in sports and I tell you, they are doing marvelous. Their discipline has heightened and they have learned social skills they didn’t have before. They also fall ill less often.