Top Things to Have at Your Super Bowl Party

As a tradition, a Super Bowl party is one of the best ways to enjoy the Super Bowl, though there are some who prefer to have it before or after. The Super Bowl party cannot be equated to any other party in the universe as it is unique and has its own needs. I have managed to throw a few over the years and I have learned that it is just as important to most people as the Super Bowl itself. It brings friends, families and rival supporters together in a fashion that honors the sport and still ensures that the partying atmosphere is also kept within. But there are a number of things that are advisable to have in every Super Bowl party to avoid disaster.

What to eat
If there is one thing that the Super Bowl party shares with other parties, it is food. The only difference here is that you must have plenty since football fans eat almost like their heroes who play football. A lot of consideration must be put in before deciding what to eat; something that will allow people to move around as they talk and easy to hold in the hands yet still delicious. A mixture of items will be good since it will satisfy everyone, things such as chips, and dips, wings and pizzas are not a bad option.

Plenty of barbecues will do great since guests will always want to replenish as the game goes on. Some will stay behind even after the game is over. It is always a wise move to set up a buffet table where guests can just walk up at any time to refill their plates with the main course. This does not mean that you cannot have smaller tables in the TV room where people can pick their snacks from during the game to avoid walking out.

Where to sit
When the guests come, they will want somewhere to sit. I usually plan for a specific number since most of my parties have been invitation only, but I still end up getting extra people. This means that I usually have to add more seats. To curb this, I ask friends to bring their folding chairs that we can use to boost the number of seats and cover the deficit in case there is any. I set my tables around the TV, with the smaller chairs in front and the larger ones at the back. This helps my guests arrange themselves with the taller ones at the back while the shorter ones sit in front.

Where to put drinks
I like my party to be unique so I put both hot and cold drinks. For the hot drinks, I do coffee, tea and chocolate. I keep this because I know I have friends who prefer hot drinks and so I do not want them to feel out of place. Some even make it clear that without that they will not come. I ensure I have two dispensers, one with hot milk, and the other with hot water. Guest will do the mixing themselves.

For the cold drinks, over the years I have realized that the Super Bowl is emotional and fights break out easily. I avoid alcoholic drinks, so I do soft drinks such as sodas and juice. People love fresh juice so I ensure that this is also in the menu. I stock them in coolers, buckets or small tubs, then add some ice where appropriate. These are just a few things you want to keep on hand for your next Super Bowl party!