Top Apps For Sport Enthusiast

While a TV or a computer is not always at your disposal, phones have made it easier for people to access relevant information. In this generation, owning a smartphone has made it easier for sports enthusiasts to follow game results at any time anywhere.  Sports apps have the latest schedules, news and statistics just a click away. Some apps have high resolution pictures, live streamed video action and podcast at the click of a button for sports fanatics. For this reason, here are a few of the Top Apps for Sports Enthusiasts of American football.

TheScore is a favorite football app that helps enthusiasts keep tabs of their favorite teams. They feature expert commentary, video clips, and detailed player stats. It provides a personalized feed, custom notifications and is free to download.

ESPN app helps you know how your favorite team is doing in the NFL. When you have it on your phone, you receive notifications on breaking news, plays, and scores and you can view the games coming up, as well as the standings of the NFL league. It has the “Now” section that allows users to check the latest tweets from players and teams. Its “Inbox” section has a customized feed of information about players and teams you care about most. The ESPN app is the app that gets the job done for people who are not fans of video streaming, and only care about scores and news.

NFL mobile app
It is the official application for the NFL league. It allows you to check video highlights, receive game alerts and notifications of your favorite teams and many more. While most of the features of the app are free, Verizon customers are required to subscribe $5 a month to access live games on Sundays, and night football on Monday, Sunday, and Friday.

The 365scores
A favorite sports apps that features fast push notifications. The app has a beautiful layout that is easy to navigate and fast to use. Some other outstanding features of the app are the virtual stadiums and the interactive segments of the fans. With the 365scores, you get lots of historical video footage that you can browse free. It is a must-have app for those that want super quick minute by minute notifications and want to interact with other fans.

The NFL Sunday Ticket
The DirecTV subscribers who have access to NFL Sunday Ticket apps can stream all Sunday games and watch the Red Zone channel live from the comfort of their phones. It also allows you to track your players as the NFL league season progress.

I have used some of these apps to keep myself updated on what’s happening in the world of sports. The apps also help me interact with other fans.