Difference between College and Pro Sports

The road to becoming a professional athlete is not always a smooth and easy one. Intense competition, grueling training experiences and constantly living on the road is but some of the things professional athletes have to face. So just before you make that decision to go into professional sports after college, it’s best to understand how college sports differ from playing professionally. I would like to share some of the things you can expect to deal with when you get into professional sports that are atypical of college sports life.

You would spend a lot of time away from home
If you’re family-oriented and love to spend the weekend with your family, then pro sports might not be the best choice for you. Professional sportsmen usually spend a lot of time outside their states, and even sometimes outside the country attending various competitions.

You could sustain dangerous life-threatening injuries
Of course, you can also suffer from injuries while playing college sports but professional sportsmen are at greater risk because a greater part of their time is spent playing or training. However, with sound training and sporting techniques, athletes can significantly reduce the chances of having injuries.

You would earn a lot
There are a lot of perks that come with playing professionally. You would be paid large sums of money and you could make money from a whole lot of things like endorsements and business deals. The truth is, playing professionally is highly lucrative.

You would lose your privacy
The more popular you become as a professional sportsman, the more interest people would have in your life, your family life and everything going on around you. You may have the paparazzi constantly on your heels and if you are not very great at managing the fame and increased attention, you may lose yourself very quickly. You want to know how to deal with this kind of lifestyle.

You would have to compete with the Best of the Best
College sports might just be a couple of amateurs competing against one another but in the professional world, it’s very different. You would compete against the best athletes. Imagine playing against the Messi’s, Tiger Woods, Serena’s and Cristiano Ronaldos of the world.

You would have less free time
College sports leave a lot of free time to participate in other things that interest you but with professional sports, there’s barely time for frivolities. You are competing in one game or the other, training in one camp or the other, or attending endorsement meetings. There just isn’t that much free time for you.

During the time I was playing sports when in college, I find it different from what I do today in my professional sport days. The life of a professional athlete is an interesting and highly rewarding one, but it’s hard work; very hard work and cannot be compared with playing college sports.