Top Things to Have at Your Super Bowl Party

As a tradition, a Super Bowl party is one of the best ways to enjoy the Super Bowl, though there are some who prefer to have it before or after. The Super Bowl party cannot be equated to any other party in the universe as it is unique and has its own needs. I have […]

Lessons I Learned Betting On The Super Bowl

Anybody living in the United States will agree with me that the Super Bowl is one of the biggest events in America. Everyone whether actively or passively looks forward to the event annually. The beauty of the Super Bowl is not just for the players who strive to win the title or the fans who […]

How Football Became So Popular in Texas

Football in Texas is like a religion as it is taken very seriously. Texas is the ‘official’ capital of sports in the United States of America. It is home to a lot of national sports leagues in the United States. Football is especially popular in Texas. Almost every high school or college in Texas has […]

Difference between College and Pro Sports

The road to becoming a professional athlete is not always a smooth and easy one. Intense competition, grueling training experiences and constantly living on the road is but some of the things professional athletes have to face. So just before you make that decision to go into professional sports after college, it’s best to understand […]

Top Apps For Sport Enthusiast

While a TV or a computer is not always at your disposal, phones have made it easier for people to access relevant information. In this generation, owning a smartphone has made it easier for sports enthusiasts to follow game results at any time anywhere.  Sports apps have the latest schedules, news and statistics just a […]